In February 2007, Aaron and Emily bought a house in the urban community of Milo-Grogan and held a Bible study for teens in the community.  Since then, RTNI has grown from a small Bible study for teenagers into a thriving holistic, Christian ministry.  RTNI has touched hundreds of youth in Milo-Grogan through Bible studies, tutoring, skills development, cooking classes, sports camps, financial literacy, summer camps, field trips, service projects, neighborhood beautification, and mentorship.  This has been made possible by God’s grace through the efforts of more than 300 volunteers, many generous donors, and a talented, committed board and staff.

RTNI has graduated two interns through our School of Servanthood (SOS) program.  In recent years, RTNI has partnered with Rosedale Mennonite Mission (RMM) and SEND Ministries to bring interns in to serve in Milo-Grogan for approximately eight hours per week.

RTNI has also, in a small way, touched the nations.  Through strategic partnership and a network of in-country contacts, RTNI has built in-roads in Venezuela and Columbia, specifically with the Wayúu and in the region of Zulia.  RTNI has also served in Haiti and conducted leadership development (team building and communication skills training) and has encouraged pastors and believers in India.